After having a couple of hectic weeks, we as a couple decided to spend some quality time and have a date night. We wanted to dress up, go out and enjoy each other’s company. We wanted to look extra nice for the occasion, so we came up with the idea to try a style that usually requires a special occasion.

For Him: I decided to wear black pants and a checkered dark green Blazer. I decided to keep it simple and clean compared to my usual trends. I decided to go for a dark patterend tie, and added a little “POP” to the chest which lead me to keep the tie in place with this mustache tie clip. Both of which are from Melbourne Dapper. As we all know, no man can leave the house without a nice timepiece. I chose a James McCabe black leather watch with roman numerals which kept my outfit very sophisticated. On the other hand, I wore a leather anchor bracelet from Watch Bandit. It is a current favorite since it can be wore with dressier outfits, as seen below.


seb classDSC_3749


For Her: Searching through my closet, trying to decide what to wear after Sebastian told me to dress classy for the evening; 🙂 I came across one of my favorite sequence dress. This dress is so elegant, but yet again simple that can be worn perfect for a classy date night. The sequence stitching is so predominate that I decided not to add any jewelry and wear very light makeup. The dress steals the show completely and by pairing it up with one of my favorite Gucci heels it gave it the definition of simple, yet perfect match.

spsp sweetHope you guys enjoyed the short read 🙂


Sebastian | Espe

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Thanks for featuring our bracelet. Great pictures as always, keep up the great work.

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