This past week it has been very hectic for us; managing time with finals, blogging and preparations for our vacations has got us insane. As many of you may have been keeping up with us on the Snapchat (@TwoTrendSnap) we have an amazing two week vacation split planned for Dubai and Cartagena. We are literally trying to live these experiences with you guys as close to real time as possible. Stay tuned on our social channels for all the travel adventures as well as our release of our new “travel” section of the blog coming soon! 🙂

Talking fashion now, our last Pre-weekend in Miami we teamed up with TheEras to bring you two fresh lifestyle looks we wore while prepping for our vacations.


For Him: I paired basic distressed jeans with an oversized long sleeve Tee from our friends over at TheEras. I have been really digging the street style feel lately and these guys know it best. Last but not least, the look is completed with the classic Adidas originals.

For Her: I figured since we were doing a basic look I teamed up with Seb on this one and paired a standard white stripped dress from Forever21 topping it all off with some Adidas and black purse! I have been obsessed lately with the oversized sweater and dress look, pair it with basic sneakers or thigh high boots.

Fashion Couple

Until next time 😉

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