Why MSX by Michael Strahan Is #SoWorthIt.

Why MSX by Michael Strahan Is #SoWorthIt img_1622

Why MSX by Michael Strahan Is #SoWorthIt

Why MSX by Michael Strahan Is #SoWorthIt

As someone who takes great pride in always looking put-together and refined, I find the search for quality athleisure and activewear a constant struggle. Enter:  MSX by Michael Strahan – the new JCPenney & Michael Strahan collaboration. I caught a glimpse of this video and felt like my prayers had been answered. Already being a huge fan of JCPenney and Michael Strahan, this seemed like a match made in collaboration heaven. And after spending a day in a few of the pieces from this collection, I can whole heartedly say that they’re #SoWorthIt. The affordable clothes felt really comfortable and the material was breathable – making them work for either a day of casually running around or a full-on athletic activity in the heat. It even began to rain as I was out and about, and every piece remained dry. The value is unbeatable, as is the effortless utility and on-trend style of each piece. I hope I’ll soon be seeing #MSXEverywhere, because the collection really is #SoWorthIt.

So, what are you waiting for, gents? Shop the collection here. 😉

*This post was written in partnership with JCPenney, all opinions are mine.

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