Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami
Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami
Consider the versatility of your swimsuit
Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami


Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami
Headgear can make powerful fashion statement
Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami
Local shops are the best sources for the hippest trends


Miami is known primarily for its beaches and great sunny weather that’s a focal point that attracts so many tourists to the city all year round. Add to that the hip atmosphere of the city and you have a perfect location for rocking tropical outfits. But maximizing your look means more than just wearing your best swimsuits or floral shirts. You can amp up those beach vibes by creating your own trendy fashion combinations.

For the ladies, wearing a stylish swimsuit is almost considered a golden rule when in a tropical destination, but Travel + Leisure stated in a fashion guide that you also have to keep its versatility in mind. When you’re out to buy a swimsuit, this means seeing how it goes with various pieces of clothing. For instance, try it with a matching camisole or a cover-up and look at the outfit as a whole set. Granted your swimsuit is the highlight, but with the proper accents, you’re going to be oozing with style even before you reach the sea for a swim.

Similarly, you should be meticulous with regards to a swimsuit’s fit as well. How many times have you experienced or have seen someone adjusting her bikini after just minutes of frolicking on the beach? You don’t have to feel guilty spending extra time shopping to find one with the exact fit if it means having the best comfort and confidence when it’s time to hit the shores.

In a tropical setting, hats are as functional as they’re fashionable. They give protection from the sun, and they’re cool accessories, too. The style factor on this matter, however, is more applicable to men as several types of hats were designed as gentlemen’s accessories. Women can easily pull off wearing hats, whereas men need to choose carefully between various types to select the best one that goes well with their outfit.

D’Marge listed different hats as well as how to properly wear them and for places like Miami, the most recommended hats are the Panama hat and the boater. The former originated from countries that have tropical climates and the hat itself is traditionally made from the leaves of palm trees. The latter, on the other hand, is seen as more formal and it’s perfect for sailing and cruising, hence its name.

If you want to get a really good glimpse of the hippest tropical fashion trends in Miami, the best way to do it is to visit the local shops. The people behind these establishments have the best knowledge of what’s in or out with regards to style and fashion in the city given that they’re in a unique position of seeing what types of clothing are in demand.

You can easily embark on a shopping spree as Miami is filled with shopping destinations so much so that retail therapy is seen as the norm here. According to a Discover Homes Miami blog post Aventura is considered the city’s premier shopping district and home to the famous Aventura Mall. You may also head to Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, which is full of boutique retail shops. If you’re looking for a more Caribbean vibe, Coconut Grove is the place to be as its boutiques not only sell tropical-inspired items, the designs of the shops themselves have tropical island themes. These are just a few examples, and other shopping hotspots include Coral Gables, Design District, Pinecrest and of course Downtown Miami.

All in all, getting into the spirit of Miami’s tropical vibes through your outfit allows you to feel more ‘at home’ in the city, making your stay much more enjoyable. For other fashion tips, browse through our many other topics in our TwoTrends archive.

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