Timepiece for Active Lifestyle

Timepiece for Active Lifestyle Timepiece for Active Lifestyle Timepiece for Active Lifestyle


This week I have teamed up with Swatch to provide an easy and versatile casual outfit. Looking back into my childhood, swatch has always hit the mark on its popularity. As a child growing up I remember my first ever swatch timepiece and now we can clearly see a modern twist on an everyday swatch SKIN. This brand new collection offers bright and bold colors that keep a clean and modern look to your wrist.

This collection portrays their new and thinnest model line. Their new slick design can be used for any practical day to day activity. This could be a night out in the town or a day of full of  training. #YOURMOVE is a way to live each day and create a new adventure. Not to mention that swatch has once again given us a variety of new colors and designs made to please all tastes.

I decided to choose the black with a white face.I loved this design because it embraces the ultimate minimalistic watch and complimenting my sense of diversity in style. I have found it very easy to combine this watch with a street style look to a more formal look.

This is exactly how the Swatch Skin feels on my wrist. Its light but yet strong to handle almost all types of  movements. Not having to worry about damaging it because its design is made to be up to par with an active lifestyle. I love the fact that I can use this on a quick escape to the beach or for a night out.

Swatch’s #YOURMOVE Campaign is about being able to live live freely! Living by your own rules and being able to express yourself. Not be afraid of the unknown but to live life to the fullest.

In partnership with Swatch, all opinions remain true.

Keep dreaming,


Timepiece for Active Lifestyle

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