Seychelles has been on our bucket list for about a decade. It’s been described by its visitors as a literal paradise on Earth – a Garden of Eden. Its deep blue waters and white sandy beaches paired with exotic sea life make it the perfect spot to unwind and refresh. We finally got the opportunity to go there but struggled to find the right hotel…until we found Raffles, one of the best luxury resorts in the world. Located on the north-eastern tip of Praslin, the second-largest granite island in Seychelles, Raffles Seychelles offered the ideal luxury beach resort a million miles from the ordinary.

The Seychelles Luxury Resort Vacation That Changed Everything

Take a Sneak Peek Into Our Private Villa

We stayed in one of their ocean view villa rooms with our own private pool, where they deliver your breakfast to you in a floating tray (seriously one of the coolest parts of our stay). The villa was incredibly spacious. It was impossible to even know where the inside and outside came together – it just felt like it all flowed so perfectly, and we were living in some magical world with a view that looked like a painting. The villa also came with an outdoor shower, adding to the inconspicuousness of the indoor/outdoor living situation. As much as we wanted to get to the beach or out to eat or on one of our excursions, we had a hard time leaving the villa! 

The Most Breath-taking Spa Experience

With a state-of-the-art spa featuring twelve treatment pavilions that showcased the unbelievable view of the ocean and gardens, we did manage to venture out of the villa. We were offered such personalized attention to our specific needs – it was a dream spa day. 

Delicious Cuisines from Around the World


Every second of our vacation was catered to make us feel we were at the most romantic place on earth. The hotel set up a picnic on Anse Lazio Beach which is considered one of the most beautiful and breath-taking beaches in the world. Every second of this romantic getaway was a delight – one major highlight being the food at the resort. We had our choice of sushi, local cuisine inspired by the Indian ocean, seafood, and a lounge serving cocktails so curated we sometimes forgot to eat . Every meal was served so fresh and so beautifully – only made more beautiful by each restaurant’s ambiance.  

The Most Beautiful Beach In the World…Literally

You can’t travel to Seychelles without spending a significant amount of time on the beach…especially the beach off of the Raffles resort. It’s the kind of beach you only see in pictures. We experienced the clearest, brightest ocean and the whitest sand we’ve ever seen. It felt like a fantasy. 

The Seychelles Luxury Resort Vacation That Changed Everything

Exploring Paradise One Excursion at a Time

From hidden coves to coral reefs to nature reserves to rare animal sightings to pre-historic sights to snorkeling, there’s SO much to explore once you’re able to peel yourself off the pristine beach. Raffles makes any excursion seamless. They have helicopters, ferries, and private boats at your fingertips. A concierge makes sure you’re completely taken care of. One of the coolest features of this hotel is that they have tortoise park on the grounds with over 200 giant tortoises (the largest in the world). Some of the tortoises were up to 200 years old – crazy!  

Raffles Seychelles has become one of our favorite lavish vacations making memories that will last forever. Whether you’re an adventurous couple, going on your honeymoon, or a couple that just wants to relax, there is truly no better beachfront hotel to choose. Your every expectation will be exceeded. In fact, it just won the 2019 Luxury Resort of the Year, but to be fair, has been winning awards ever since it opened in 2011. It will be difficult to stay at any other luxury hotel, now that we’ve experienced Raffles.

Being from Miami, we’re no strangers to a gorgeous, tropical location, but this one really blew us away. We’ve never seen colors that bright and experienced such tranquility! We can’t wait to go back.


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