How To: Crop Top Looks From Day to Night

Crop Top Looks From Day to Night. For someone living in a warm climate – not to mention Miami – crop tops become an essential. They’ve always been a piece I regularly reach for in my closet, but sometime around last year, they became even more popular and I couldn’t help but notice them everywhere. … Continue Reading

Winter Fashion Inspiration in Chicago

Winter Fashion Inspiration in Chicago. If you follow this blog, you know how much we love to travel…and we definitely did not miss out on the chance to do so over the holiday break. We set our sights on CHICAGO, and it did not disappoint. The energy of this city is addicting, making you forget how … Continue Reading

Warm Weather Winter Chic Inspiration

Warm Weather Winter Chic Inspiration. In places like NYC, London, or Paris, fashion really comes to life as the weather starts to get colder. From experimental layering, to rich textures and fabrics, Fall and Winter bring out a certain chic-ness in people. In Miami, that’s not something we can completely take advantage of, but we … Continue Reading

Fashion Couple Goals For This Holiday Season

Fashion couple goals for this holiday season. Stepping out together never fails to excite us. When the streets of Miami are practically a runway, how can you not go all out every time to try and create the ultimate Fashion Couple Goals as TwoTrends? When it comes to coordinating our outfits, we go one of two … Continue Reading

Enhance and Elevate

One of our favorite things to do after getting dressed, is to look at one another, and suggest ways that we could enhance and elevate each of our outfits. This is usually done by adding a unique accessory or layering – which is exactly how we created these ensembles. What started as a feminine, floral look, turned into … Continue Reading

The Perfect Guide on How To Dress For A Wedding Miami

The Perfect Guide on How To Dress For A Wedding Miami. After attending a recent wedding, we stopped to talk about how difficult it can be choosing what to wear. It seems that there are so many rules to follow and you’re almost guaranteed to offend at least someone. But we like playing by our own rules. … Continue Reading

Muted Mornings

There’s a definite breeze in the air these mornings and it has us happily reaching for our favorite jackets and jeans. On a recent morning out, we decided to  match the cooler temperature and overall cloudy vibe by choosing to dress in colors that felt a little more muted. From faded mustard to pale pink, … Continue Reading

Battle of the Medicine Cabinet

Have you guys ever had those morning or late night fights on why your bathroom cabinet space has suddenly gotten smaller? We cannot be the only couple who face the daily challenge of trying to sneak around each other’s products to make space for more of our own…Come on, you know what we’re talking about… … Continue Reading

Moments with JCPenney

The other day we were walking around Miami Beach in some new threads we had picked up right before leaving for our weekend getaway right from our local JCPenney. We put this outfit together inspired by that South Beach vibe that encourages a constant freshness and sweet summer destination desired by all. Thankfully we were able to come … Continue Reading

Slick Summers

Hey all, lately Miami has been really heating up so we figured we’d show you a casual look that can help with the summer weather. Sometimes it may get tough creating an outfit that keeps cool during those hot summer days but at the same time staying stylish. Let’s be honest, sometimes it is much … Continue Reading