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Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty

A proper skin care routine is a must for every woman at any age. Taking the right steps to care for your skin at a young age is key to having healthy skin as the years go by. In my opinion, most women in their 20s usually don’t care too much about skin due to budget restraint. Most popular creams that have the best results are usually very expensive and most brands don’t offer special promotions regularly or more affordable options for young adults.

Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty

This is why I am so excited to partner up with Shiseido to support their Skincare Bonus promotion which is happening this week! If you go to and purchase $75 or more in product, you’re eligible to participate in the Skincare Bonus promotion now through 8/27. In addition to getting the amazing products you spent the $75+ on, you will receive free goodies along with your purchase. The bonus package I chose includes the IBUKI Gentle Cleanser, Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate, IBUKI Refining Moisturizer Enriched, IBUKI Eye Correcting Cream and the IBUKI Quick Fix Mist. You may find them all HERE. Additionally, the bonus came with a Hello Tokyo Bag!

I decided to spend the $75+ to earn the Skincare Bonus on products from Shiseido’s new WASO Collection. Their formula is created for young adults, non-comedogenic, paraben-free and mineral oil free so our skin can breathe easily. The best part is that the prices are affordable so you can maintain a healthy routine and stay in budget.

Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty

Reviewing SHISEIDO’s New Accessible Line

I purchased different products from the WASO line for all my day and night essentials. Which include:

The WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser ($28) which rinses off any dirt or excess oil and reduces the appearance of imperfections. Its main ingredient is honey which is formulated to keep moisture in throughout your day. This daily cleanser can be used both day and night. As I applied this cleanser throughout the week my face felt soft and moist compared to other cleansers that usually dry out your skin completely.

The WASO Fresh Jelly Lotion ($30) is a softening lotion that plumps skin and restores its moisture.  This refreshing gel formula helps reduce the appearances of pores and shine while it optimizes skin’s pH for a refreshed skin. This was one of my favorite products since it felt like a power serum that sealed in all the moisture in my skin. After I started to use this, my makeup began to look smoother since it helped it set and look fresh.

The WASO Quick Matte Moisturizer ($38) is an oil free and oil balancing gel that keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours. This formula contains Loquat Leaf Cells which have been used for centuries in Japan to suppress sebum breakdown, which encourages moisture in your skin. This product not only kept me hydrated for the whole day, but it also protected my skin from further damage.

The WASO Color-Smart Day Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($38) is a skin brightening tinted moisturizer that adapts to your skin color and enhances it. One of its key ingredients is carrot cells which help hold water and nutrients and make the skin look hydrated and healthy. This one was my favorite. It was easy to apply and go. Not only did it make my skin look bright and healthy but it also has built-in SPF which is what helps us prevent getting wrinkles!

Having all your daily routine products for a total of $134 is amazing. Usually, that price point is equivalent to one cream from most high end brands. With the WASO Collection, not only are you getting a great price, but your skin is being treated by Shiseido which is one of the most recognized and respected skincare brands in the world with 145 years of experience. I have been using this brand for over 10 years!

Guys, invest in your skin you’ll thank me later, thank you for reading our beauty hacks and we hope you take advantage of Shiseido’s sweet deal.

Items covered:

WASO Collection

IBUKI Collection

-Stay fab!


Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty

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