Do you ever notice how when everything else in your life feels out of control, getting up and doing your hair and getting dressed can somehow make everything seem better? That’s definitely been the case for us, and we’ve been bonding over products from the Head & Shoulders Styling Collection, which all feature skin care-inspired ingredients and scalp care active zinc pyrithione. Since we haven’t been able to get our hair professionally done, we’ve been helping each other apply these products and then style – we know how important it is for both of us to look and feel our best (especially for our in-home date nights). These products have made such a difference in the quality of our hair and scalp routine, and we wanted to share them with you!

Scalp Care So Good We Had to Share

Espe started by using the Head & Shoulders Supreme collection, which includes the Supreme Hydrating Scalp Serum, Supreme Smoothing Leave On Scalp Cream Treatment, Supreme Nourishing Scalp & Hair Mask, and Supreme Exfoliating Scalp Scrub Treatment. I love to use these products in between washes to target the problem directly at the scalp.

Scalp Care So Good We Had to Share
Scalp Care So Good We Had to Share

That led me to the Head & Shoulders men’s Styling Gel, Molding Clay, Texturizing Putty, Styling Cream, and Shaping Pomade. I always thought I had to choose between styling my hair and fighting off scalp irritation – so to find products that are both strong in hold and good to the scalp has been a game-changer. The way I style my curly hair is simple, I keep my hair damp and apply the texturizing putty (which has been a game-changer for me) and scrunch the curl while applying the product evenly throughout the whole scalp. I finally let the hair air dry and let the putty do its thing for a high hold look throughout the whole day!

Click here to purchase the products that make the most sense from you from the Head & Shoulders Styling Collection, and watch the quality of your hair (& scalp!) transform.


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