How Miami’s Art Week is Inspiring Us to Move Forward

If you’re from Miami, you know how big of a deal Art Basel is for the city. Even if you’re not from Miami, there’s a good chance you know this. And, it’s just one part of a full week of art, called, you guessed it, Art Week, in the magic city. We can expect our … Continue Reading

Interview with a “Los Uber” Member

Interview with a ” Los Uber” Member An Intimate Conversation with Joceline Torres from Uber Following our game night at Uber (see the last post!), we had the pleasure of having the opportunity to sit down with one of the Los Ubers, Jocelyn Torres. She explained that the employee resource group (known as an ERG … Continue Reading

Los Ubers Game Night In Chicago

Los Ubers Game Night In Chicago Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is a highlight for us every year. It kind of falls under the radar, but we always make a point to do something special because it holds a special place in our hearts. This year, we celebrated in the best way possible – at the … Continue Reading

What You Should Know About Having Pets

What You Should Know About Having Pets While our work may seem like our main passion in life, that’s not entirely true. What is it we really live and breathe for, you ask? Our dogs! Although, our work doesn’t have accidents all over the house – so it may come out to more of a … Continue Reading

Why We’re Only Using Uber Express POOL from Now On

Why We’re Only Using Uber Express POOL from Now On It’s no secret Miami is not a walking city. It’s also not an ideal city to drive around and park in. That’s why we’ve always relied on Uber, the ride request app available in over 600 cities around the world, to get us around the … Continue Reading

Quebec The City That Stole Our Hearts

Quebec The City That Stole Our Hearts When you’re from Miami, the trips you take in the Summer look a bit different from those who live up north. We’re not necessarily seeking sunny skies and palm trees – we have that all year long (sorry!). We’ve always been more interested in heading to places like … Continue Reading

Giving Back With Uber

Giving Back With Uber This post was made in sponsorship with Uber. Between growing up in Latin America, moving to the United States, and creating … Continue Reading

SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense

SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense Hi, everyone! Espe here. Let’s talk about laser treatments, shall we? Lasering is one of the most popular services these days – and I’ve been a big fan for years. That was until recently, when I received a troubling laser treatment, leaving me with skin discoloration on my back. It got to … Continue Reading

Happy New Year & January Event Update!

Happy New Year! We were lucky to spend the holidays in Spain this year, and can’t wait to share a travel blog full of our adventures (stay tuned!). But, even in early January, we’ve still got A LOT of holiday spirit, which is why we’re so excited to attend the Macy’s Three Kings Day Celebration … Continue Reading

Miami Influencer Event Coverage 2017: Part Three!

We don’t know about you, but for us, it just doesn’t feel the like the holidays until we’ve visited our local Macy’s department store to see it decked out in its finest decorations. It’s something that’s always put us in a good mood and in the rightframe of mind to shop for our loved ones. … Continue Reading