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Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks

Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks

Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks

Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks

As fall kicks in shopping for a new additions to our closet  is one of our favorite traditions when entering a new season. Over the years we have learned that as much as we love the stylish and trendy pieces comfort is also a must. We both have bought many pairs of shoes that look amazing but kill our feet through the day. This is why one of our goals was to find the perfect mix of both.

That is why we decided to partner with Zappos x Rockport to showcase some of our stylish and yet comfortable picks for men and women. With our Rockport shoes we have finally found the perfect match to our style and comfort needs. Not only does the brand offer many styles but they specialize in comfortable soles that adjust to your feet to be able to take on any daily task.

For Him: When glancing over Zappos selection of Rockport shoes, what intrigued me the most was their Men’s Autumn collection. They offer a broad range of different styles; from your fancy wingtips, classic oxfords, comfy slip-on and classic boots. In this particular case i opted for a classic brown Wynstin Chukka Boot. I paired the boots with a classic blue denim and a red checkered shirt to complete my autumn inspired outfit.

For Her: On this occasion I paired my Total Motion Adelyn Ballet with nude shorts, denim shirt and a brown cross-body bag. Usually, flats tire my feet out within a few hours of walking due to lack of sole support. However, the insoles of my flats are a mixture of a rubberized leather material which is super comfortable thus providing a comfy sneaker feel. We headed to one of our favorite plazas in the city and I could really feel a significant support walking for hours exploring the city!

The ability to design and create a shoe with a high level of comfort is not too difficult. However, when combined with style the task becomes much harder. We truly feel Rockport has outdone it in creating a stylish and comfortable shoe!

Glance over their collection and shop our picks:

Sebastian’s Wynstin Chukka Boot

Espe’s Total Motion Adelyn Ballet

You’ll thank us later 🙂


Our Style Comfort Fall Footwear Picks

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