One Step Guide Styling Chelsea BootsOne Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots

One Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots One Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots One Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots

As you guys already know we absolutely LOVE booties paired with the right denim. For this particular occasion we headed out in chelsea boots tagging pariguu (our dog) along 🙂

We were actually breaking them in and decided to give you a quick ONE step guide in picking out the perfect chelsea boot which we recommend is a MUST for upgrading your wardrobe.

So here is a very simple but essential ONE rule of thumb you want to keep in mind when rocking chelsea boots:

Pick the Right Denim

Yes, when picking out chelsea boots or better yet any shoe, you want to first see what type of trousers you are choosing and from there decide what shoes your going to grab. Today, since were sticking to Chelsea’s’ you kind of HAVE to go with a skinny/slim fit denim.

This rule of thumb does apply to both men and women. Chelsea boots just don’t look right with baggy jeans. They are meant to elongate your legs making a smooth transition from the hem of your denim all the way to the tip of your shoe. Don’t forget chelsea boots are the ones that do not have any lacing or texturing on the front and they usually are slim with a longer toe cap.

These look great paired with a nice pair of distressed jeans which by the way we created a youtube video on how to create your own pair. 🙂 You can watch it HERE.

Up top you can pretty much dress them up or down. This time around, we styled them down Seb wearing a light wash denim with sand colored boots paired with an oversized cardigan, meanwhile Espe wore a darker wash high top denim with a short crop top. Whichever way you decide to wear em, make sure the fit is on point!

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Espe’s chelsea boot: from Zara
Sebastian’s Chelsea boots: from GambinoAlliance


One Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots

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