These past couple of days we’ve been going back and re-editing some of our past looks. We often get asked if we need to continuously buy more clothes in order to keep the blog going. If you guys look closely at our posts a lot of our outfits use the same pieces used in previous posts. By re- editing and frequently looking back at your wardrobe, creativity kicks in to pair different variations of colors, patterns and styles allowing others to think you bought a completely new outfit.


For this particular look we re-edited the common black and white frame and allowed our creativity to combine different textures and pops of colors as seen above. Our good friends over at LovelyLapels offer small gift sets that take away the hassle of combining pocket square and lapel combinations. We used this matching set to add color to his frame and compliment her outfit with a soft toned lapel.

DSC_2123 DSC_2169

The result is a very “chic” look for her which could be used in almost any season and occasion.


His outfit shows a combination of subtle textures and colors which are all tied together with a pair of fresh loafers from Paul Evans. Overall, the outfit is well put together for any confident gentleman.

DSC_2253 DSC_2243paul evans deet

Feel free to leave us your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.



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where can i find the white blazer with the cut out.


Love her blazer!! Where can I find that white blazer?

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