Learning to Master the Art of Casual Chic.

Miami comes to life this time of year, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone walking around in anything but their best. The same amount of effort is put into people’s day looks as well as their night looks. That’s why when we head out into the city for a casual day full of errands, we make sure to look the part. A white shirt and jeans is a pretty classically chic uniform that you can rarely go wrong with – but we always like to add a twist. A crop top for her and cuffed jeans for him does the trick. And one should never underestimate the swag that a classic pair of Puma sneakers adds to the mix. Between the iconic style and comfort – we practically live in them.

All clothes are from Zara, shoes are from Puma.

Two days left to shop – get casual chic and get out there! 😉


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