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Are you using Uber’s new rewards program yet? Well, you know we are, and we wanted to provide a little update on how it’s been going. Spoiler alert: we’re absolutely loving it. Since more rides = more rewards, we’re finding ourselves using the app more than ever, and the biggest surprise has been how much easier it’s been to go shopping.

How We Earn Points While Shopping

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal chauffeur taking you to and from your favorite shopping destinations? We certainly have, and Uber has made that dream come true. We just book our UberX, and the benefits are undeniable. Long are the days when we have to search for parking, have to PAY for parking, or have to lug all of our bags to the car. The UberX is literally waiting right outside for us. And, with the Uber rewards program, we get $5.00 in Uber cash for every 500 points earned, and two points for each eligible dollar spent on UberX. Let’s just say, the way we use and love Uber, racking up 500 points is a lot easier than it sounds.

The New Way We’re Saving While Shopping

Trust us, if there’s something to spend on, it’s this! Why? Because it will end up saving you from parking fees in the long run, not to mention, completely improve your quality of life. And, shopping is just one of the hundreds of ways you can use this service and rewards program to treat yourself – which has never been more attainable or felt more guilt-free. #UberRewards

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