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How UGG Has Redefined My Footwear

Style comes in many forms, and as you know, we like to explore all of them. We try to never lock ourselves into a box when it comes to style, keeping ourselves open to anything, always trusting our fashion instincts. So, when I logged onto recently (my favorite place to shop for shoes due to their fast and free shipping, 365 return policy, and incredible customer service), spotted the UGG Scuff, and felt them calling to me, I knew I had to answer.

How UGG Has Redefined My Footwear

This year more than ever, it’s clear that footwear with fur (fake, of course) and sheepskin is in. I was looking for something similar, but at an affordable price. Enter the UGG Scuff. I’d already been a huge fan of the UGG brand as they’re known for designing a shoe that boasts the perfect blend of technology, function, and style. But, after receiving this shoe in person, I was able to experience just how versatile UGG shoes can be.

How UGG Has Redefined My Footwear How UGG Has Redefined My Footwear

How UGG Has Redefined My Footwear

How UGG Has Redefined My Footwear

As someone who is literally always on-the-go, jumping from adventure to adventure and from location to location, I’ve often felt trapped by the footwear that’s offered to men. But, it feels like UGG is rewriting the men’s footwear story. We can wear shoes that offer a form of function but are also stylish and fashion-forward. For this occasion, I’ve decided to pair the scuffs with a clean beach/boat day outfit that incorporates a light brown checkered shirt to match the footwear from UGG. I’d recommend using this type of shoe with pants cuffed up to really highlight the slip-on laid-back vibe.

I’ve found myself wearing my new UGG Scuffs with a variety of different outfits, and they work every time. Have you experienced the magic of UGG yet?

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