How to Make a Neutral and Noticeable Statement. We’re big believers in the theory that “less is more.” Taking a minute before walking out the door to see if there’s any way to simplify your outfit, is always a good idea. Now simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. You know we’re all about making statements, but sometimes that best way to do so is to streamline your look. One of our favorite ways to do this is to create all-neutral outfits.

This outfit may look simple and feel subtle, but it serves a pretty fierce punch. It’s chic and classic, proving that a lack of color has its perks.

Yes, neutral blazers are tough to pull off, but look best when infused with an edge. Paired with an all-black ensemble, skinny jeans, sleek shoes, and a patterned pocket square – the blazer’s neutral coloring pops, giving a classic look a modern tough.

So remember, a neutral outfit can be anything but 🙂


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