Giving Back With Uber

This post was made in sponsorship with Uber.

Between growing up in Latin America, moving to the United States, and creating this blog, we’ve met a diverse group of people consisting of all different races, genders, and ethnicities. In building relationships with these people, it’s been clear that we learn so much from each other’s varying cultures. This has helped us to grow and reflect. And, in doing so, we’ve been particularly moved by the work others are doing to empower women. We recently learned that the company, Uber, is constantly giving back to the cities they’re available in through community service. Some of these amazing projects include:

    • Meals on Wheelshelps drive out hunger for seniors across the US by organizing volunteers and donating rides, meals, and care packages.
    • Supporting women in technologyOver the next 3 years Uber is dedicating $3 million to support organizations working to bring more women and underrepresented people into tech.
    • Mothers Against Drunk Driving partnered to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving and to help make the roads safer for everyone through local engagement and national awareness campaigns.

Inspired by this, we thought, how can we help to educate and give back to others in our community?

This week, we decided to start small and volunteer at a local shelter that helps struggling women rebuild their lives. Throughout our time at this shelter, we assisted in teaching computer literacy and budgeting to help these women prepare for their new lives and the workplace. It was such a pleasure and an honor to connect with these women and to offer them whatever we could to empower them.

Giving Back With Uber

Volunteering is not something we’ve ever carved out a lot of time for. But, just after just one day with these women, we realized how important it is to make a priority. We plan to continue showing up for these women in both the smallest and biggest of ways.  And, of course, we hope to inspire and encourage you, our followers and readers, to be a strong voice in your own communities for the cultural movements you feel passionate about.

Giving Back With Uber

Giving Back With Uber

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to elevate underrepresented voices, diversify perspectives and local communities, and champion positive change. We really do have the power to do so and every effort helps to make a difference.

Learn more about Uber’s initiatives here.


This post was made in sponsorship with Uber.

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