Fashion couple goals for this holiday season. Stepping out together never fails to excite us. When the streets of Miami are practically a runway, how can you not go all out every time to try and create the ultimate Fashion Couple Goals as TwoTrends? When it comes to coordinating our outfits, we go one of two ways: we either try to subtly match in color and tone, or we choose the opposite. In this case, we chose the latter, with one of us dressed in white and the other black. This allows our individualized fashion identities to shine, while still blending together in a striking way. And with the holiday season officially in full swing, we hope you’re able to gain a bit of outfit inspiration from these subtle ensembles that are sure to leave guests impressed.

fashion couple goals TwoTrends

fashion couple goals TwoTrendsA pale pink shirt and matching bag combined with this structured, modern take on a suit brings warmth to the outfit. But don’t be fooled, because the lucite pumps bring back a bit of the edge and keep the ensemble from feeling too traditional. It’s dressy enough for a holiday gathering, but comfortable enough to eat and relax in. The off-white coloring makes it feel classic and sophisticated, but the asymmetrical structure of the skirt reminds everyone that you’re not just classic – you’re cool.

fashion couple goals

fashion couple goals

fashion couple goals Speaking of breaking tradition and keeping with the above theme – ripped jeans, casual jewelry, and white sneakers keep this all black ensemble from feeling too serious. The uniqueness of the blazer is a perfect update to the formal holiday look. It allows for comfort, while still making a statement. It’s sure to be a conversation starter. Pairing it with mismatched bracelets and a sleek watch adds an eclectic touch elevating the outfit to full-on cool, comfortable, chic status.

fashion couple goals Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to dress for the occasion 🙂


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