Daytime Date Outfit Ideas

Daytime Date Outfit Ideas Daytime Date Outfit Ideas Daytime Date Outfit Ideas Daytime Date Outfit Ideas Daytime Date Outfit Ideas

Being a couple for five years means that we have had too many dates! Dedicating time for each other and not falling into a routine has been one of the reasons we still have the hots for another (lol). Usually we are on a season of our lives that we absolutely love to have daytimes dates (or maybe we are getting old). Of course dressing up for an evening date can be super exciting and sexy, but we have grown to love dressing casual and still looking our best during the day.

Suggestions for her:

Some people may think daytime dates can’t be sexy but I beg to differ. One of my favorite styles are short day dresses with sandals. This kind of style makes me feel flirty and cute. Another outfit that I love to wear for a casual day are jeans and a crop top. Not only does this style flatter your curves but it shows a little skin too. (wink) Complimenting both of these looks with a light makeup does the trick and a soft lipstick creates the perfect daytime outfit.

Suggestions for him:

Choose a pair of plain slacks for the date. Use dark colors like navy blue, black or gray, khaki pants are also a good choice for a day date that will allow you to look dressed up but still keeping things casual cool.

One all time suggestion is to wear a V-neck shirt. The V neck lengthens your neck and makes you look taller, more masculine; choose a color that matches your trousers, such as black, heather gray or light blue. Feel free to throw on a layer on top could be a denim shirt, leather jacket, blazer, bomber jacket, etc. the sky is the limit with what you can do with a V neck as an undershirt.

So are you ready to go daytime dating now?


Daytime Date Outfit Ideas

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