Daytime Date Outfit Ideas – What to Wear on a Date

Daytime Date Outfit Ideas Being a couple for five years means that we have had too many dates! Dedicating time for each other and not falling into a routine has been one of the reasons we still have the hots for another (lol). Usually we are on a season of our lives that we absolutely … Continue Reading

One Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots

One Step Guide Styling Chelsea Boots As you guys already know we absolutely LOVE booties paired with the right denim. For this particular occasion we headed out in chelsea boots tagging pariguu (our dog) along 🙂 We were actually breaking them in and decided to give you a quick ONE step guide in picking out … Continue Reading

How to Make a Neutral and Noticeable Statement

How to Make a Neutral and Noticeable Statement. We’re big believers in the theory that “less is more.” Taking a minute before walking out the door to see if there’s any way to simplify your outfit, is always a good idea. Now simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. You know we’re all about making statements, but … Continue Reading

Learning to Master the Art of Casual Chic

Learning to Master the Art of Casual Chic. Miami comes to life this time of year, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone walking around in anything but their best. The same amount of effort is put into people’s day looks as well as their night looks. That’s why when we head out into the city for a … Continue Reading

Warm Weather Winter Chic Inspiration

Warm Weather Winter Chic Inspiration. In places like NYC, London, or Paris, fashion really comes to life as the weather starts to get colder. From experimental layering, to rich textures and fabrics, Fall and Winter bring out a certain chic-ness in people. In Miami, that’s not something we can completely take advantage of, but we … Continue Reading

Miami Art Basel First Day Fashion Picks

Miami Art Basel First Day Fashion Picks. It’s official – Miami’s most important event of the year, (and questionably the most important art event in the world), Art Basel, has arrived. This is such an exciting time in the city and it’s something we look forward to attending year after year. Besides the incredible art, … Continue Reading

Downtown Miami Dapper Fashion Inspiration

Downtown Miami Dapper Fashion Inspiration. If there’s ever a time to step up your fashion game in Miami, it’s this time of year. Between the lack of Summer’s infamous humidity and the arrival of a cool, refreshing breeze, you’re invited to take more fashion risks and dress a bit fancier than you usually would – without … Continue Reading

Fashion Couple Goals For This Holiday Season

Fashion couple goals for this holiday season. Stepping out together never fails to excite us. When the streets of Miami are practically a runway, how can you not go all out every time to try and create the ultimate Fashion Couple Goals as TwoTrends? When it comes to coordinating our outfits, we go one of two … Continue Reading

Enhance and Elevate

One of our favorite things to do after getting dressed, is to look at one another, and suggest ways that we could enhance and elevate each of our outfits. This is usually done by adding a unique accessory or layering – which is exactly how we created these ensembles. What started as a feminine, floral look, turned into … Continue Reading

The Perfect Guide on How To Dress For A Wedding Miami

The Perfect Guide on How To Dress For A Wedding Miami. After attending a recent wedding, we stopped to talk about how difficult it can be choosing what to wear. It seems that there are so many rules to follow and you’re almost guaranteed to offend at least someone. But we like playing by our own rules. … Continue Reading