This Product That Has Changed My Beauty Routine

This Product That Has Changed My Beauty Routine This Product That Has Changed My Beauty Routine Although Florida is known for doing winter better than just about any other place with its near-perfect temperatures, this year brought a bit of a cold front. And, my skin began to react in ways we weren’t used to … Continue Reading

Getting My Holiday 2017 Glam On for FREE

Getting My Holiday 2017 Glam On for FREE! I’ve definitely talked about how much I love Sephora inside JCPenney on the blog before. A spot where fashion and beauty live in one place? Yes, please! And, recently, I was invited to come to our local shop for a holiday mini makeover and simply couldn’t resist. … Continue Reading

Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty

Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty A proper skin care routine is a must for every woman at any age. Taking the right steps to care for your skin at a young age is key to having healthy skin as the years go by. In my opinion, most women in their 20s usually don’t care too … Continue Reading

Choosing Glasses According to Your Face | Top 2017 Summer Picks

Choosing Glasses According to your Face Choosing Glasses According to your Face The shape of our face is one of the key determining factors when choosing the right pair of glasses. Depending on the shape of your face, some frames may not complement your image. We put together a quick guide that will help you … Continue Reading

The Perfect Personalized Wedding Goodies

Perfect Personalized Wedding Goodies Hey guys, Espe here! Planning every single part of a wedding is hard enough, but I have to admit I had a really hard time finding unique items for it. Having been to so many weddings before, I saw how creative each couple was with their wedding goodies, for example; a … Continue Reading

The Glow Factor For Healthy Looking Skin

The Glow Factor For Healthy Looking Skin Hello, Girlies! I am sure you all know some of the most important weeks of your lives tend to be the most stressful and your skin definitely shows it. Who doesn’t struggle with breakout or wash out skin with all the tasks you have to do before a big … Continue Reading

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends – Guide to Spring & Summer Styles

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends spring 2017 fashion trends With recent fashion week trends fresh in everyone’s mind, Springtime in Miami becomes a runway of its own. And each year, we’re always excited to see how JCPenney takes those designer-inspired trends and makes them accessible. This Spring, it’s all about blush, bomber jackets, and sneakers… and … Continue Reading

Useful Tips For Picking your Bridesmaid Dress

Picking your Bridesmaid Dress Hello, guys! Espe here! As you guys know our wedding is coming up. ( woohoo! ) I am beyond excited for the whole experience, but I have to admit planning does get a little stressful. One of the tasks that I was having some trouble with was choosing my bridesmaid’s dresses. … Continue Reading

On The Go Skin Care And Beauty Essentials

Skin Care Beauty Essentials *In collaboration with JCPenney all opinions remain true #ad Believe it or not, it actually does get cooler in Miami in the winter. Hey, it’s all relative! That being said, we definitely notice our skin getting dryer, and other than moisturizing, never know exactly how to remedy this. All of that … Continue Reading

How To: Crop Top Looks From Day to Night

Crop Top Looks From Day to Night. For someone living in a warm climate – not to mention Miami – crop tops become an essential. They’ve always been a piece I regularly reach for in my closet, but sometime around last year, they became even more popular and I couldn’t help but notice them everywhere. … Continue Reading