Remember, earlier this year, when we spoke about our incredible night with Los Ubers, whose mission is to empower, celebrate, and advocate for Latinx communities in and outside of Uber, the company famous for its ride request app? They often host events, and we were honored to be invited to another one of them in San Francisco – this time it was a dinner hosted by Los Ubers and ChefsFeed in a night focused on connecting the community and developing and retaining Latinx talent to succeed.

Accompanied by a delicious, traditionally Latin meal by Chef Isabel Caudillo, owner of the restaurant El Buen Comer, the dinner served as a chance to talk about La Cocina, a local non-profit organization that exists to support burgeoning female entrepreneurs. Chef Isabel was the perfect chef to be featured since she is one of La Cocina’s greatest success stories; she was selling food on the street when she first arrived in the United States, and now, thanks to La Cocina, has her own family-run restaurant.

We were so inspired when we left this dinner; the meaningful menu evoked a sense of family, community, and Hispanic heritage, and the experience showed how food is a powerful vehicle for meaningful connection and culture.

Thank you, once again, Los UbersLa Cocina, and Chef Isabel Caudillo for an unforgettable evening! And, readers, if you haven’t checked all three of them out yet, be sure to do so today!


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