New Timepiece Review for an Active Lifestyle | Swatch

Timepiece for Active Lifestyle   This week I have teamed up with Swatch to provide an easy and versatile casual outfit. Looking back into my childhood, swatch has always hit the mark on its popularity. As a child growing up I remember my first ever swatch timepiece and now we can clearly see a modern … Continue Reading

Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty

Shiseido’s WASO Line, Simple Beauty A proper skin care routine is a must for every woman at any age. Taking the right steps to care for your skin at a young age is key to having healthy skin as the years go by. In my opinion, most women in their 20s usually don’t care too … Continue Reading

Favorite Summer Tea Refreshments | TEAVANA

Favorite Summer Tea Refreshments This summer one of our goals was to find a replacement for our favorite hot beverages we drank and explore other drinks that could refresh us during the summer. Teavana has always been known for their wide selection of all natural teas and their unique mixes of flavours. That is why Teavana … Continue Reading

Choosing Glasses According to Your Face | Top 2017 Summer Picks

Choosing Glasses According to your Face Choosing Glasses According to your Face The shape of our face is one of the key determining factors when choosing the right pair of glasses. Depending on the shape of your face, some frames may not complement your image. We put together a quick guide that will help you … Continue Reading

How to Style Double Denim | EXPRESS

  How to Style Double Denim Jean on jean – Denim on Denim: It’s definitely a sticky topic. When done correctly, it looks amazing—but with one common mistake and you’re destined to look like one giant blob. Thankfully, we’re spilling our secrets on Do’s and Don’t’s for when it comes to style the much desired … Continue Reading

Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami

Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami Tropical Fashion Advice for When Visiting Miami     Miami is known primarily for its beaches and great sunny weather that’s a focal point that attracts so many tourists to the city all year round. Add to that the hip atmosphere of the city and you have a … Continue Reading

Couple Bali Adventure – Inside look into our Trip

Couple Bali Adventure   A honeymoon trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After going to Singapore we decided to travel to Bali. To be honest, Bali has always been on my bucket list. Traveling to Indonesia from Singapore was fairly easy it was just a two-hour ride and we were there in paradise. The first thing … Continue Reading

Bedroom Decor Inspiration Ideas | ThreadExperiment

Bedroom Decor Inspiration Ideas As you guys probably know by now, we recently got married about a month ago now. Since our big day, we got a new place and recently began making it feel like home. Decorating an apartment has never felt so fun. We’re going to take you in a quick glimpse of … Continue Reading

Men’s Summer Spring Suit Guide | Canali SS17

Men’s Summer Spring Suit Guide One of the things that really turns off a guy is to wear a suit when temperatures start to rise. However, many dress codes of some jobs do enforce a strict suites work attire. From the fabric to the color, everything plays a part. You’ll want to look as slick … Continue Reading

The TwoTrends Wedding Post

TwoTrends Wedding Hey, Guys! Espe and Sebas Here! As you guys know we recently got married!!! (woohoo) We can say that it has been the happiest day of our lives. We also wanted to let you guys know how thankful we are to be able to experience this with all of our followers. It makes … Continue Reading